A Wide Variety of Services to Meet Your Fire Protection Needs

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Fire Alarm Systems

Our team will meet or exceed your expectations for any of your project needs.

Red Fire Protection Offers

  • Emergency services

  • Service of fire alarm systems

  • Preventative Maintenance and service programs

  • Programming

  • Remodels and upgrades

Fire Alarm Extinguishers.

Portable fire extinguishers provide a first line of defense against fires of limited size. Fire extinguishers should be readily accessible and fully functional for immediate use.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting is critical when a catastrophe happens. In the event of an emergency, the immediate evacuation from a building is not easy without light. This is why there are evacuation procedures that are mandatory in workplaces. It is easier for people to move faster down illuminated pathways that have the proper emergency signage.

Disabled Refuge Systems

Disable Refuge Systems or EVC (Emergency Voice Communication System) is a fixed, monitored, and maintained, bi-directional, full-duplex voice communication system to assist the orderly evacuation of disabled or mobility impaired people and enhance firefighters’ communication during emergencies. The following checks are carried out during each maintenance visit in compliance with BS 5839 Part 9.

Our Disabled Refuge Maintenance Systems Include

  • Four Visits per year
  • Check entries into a log book
  • Standby batteries and connections are checked
  • 100% of the outstations and handsets are operated on each visit
  • Training on the system will be provided to the responsible person

Ansul Systems

We can Design, Install and Maintain your Ansul R-102 System in Accordance with EN 16282 Part 7 & by using Red Fire Protection, your 5 year system warranty will remain valid and the safe functioning of your system if ever called upon will be ensured.

Liquid Leak Detection Systems

Liquid Leak detection systems protect vulnerable areas where water leakage could seriously damage electrical, communication or computer networks.

It provides round the clock protection against water leakage via continuous monitoring and can be installed in a wide range of applications.

What we do:

We can complete all three stages of the liquid or water leak detection system process (supply, installation and maintenance) or individual stages as required.

Fire Suppression Systems

Having a high-quality fire suppression system installed in your business can be the difference between a small amount of fire damage and devastation in your property. Fire suppression systems consist of a detection system and fire suppression gasses that can be activated automatically or manually. Our team offers installation and maintenance services on all fire suppression systems for a range of different types of commercial properties. Red Fire Protection also offer room integrity testing to ensure in the event of a fire that the suppressant gasses will extinguish the fire.

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